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End 68 Hours of Hunger

Saturday, June 23

With humor and warmth, this children’s picture book raises awareness about poverty and hunger.
Best friends Sofia and Maddi live in the same neighborhood but while Sofia’s fridge at home is full of nutritious food, the fridge at Maddi’s house is empty.  End 68 Hours of Hunger is a private, not-for-profit, effort to confront the approximately 68 hours of hunger that some school children experience between the free lunch they receive at school on Friday afternoon and the free breakfast they receive at school on Monday morning.

Meet Rescue & Jessica

Saturday, June 30.  2:00-4:00pm

This riveting story about the relationship between a disabled girl and her black lab service dog is based loosely on Kensky’s own experiences as a double amputee. The reader is treated to fascinating details on the many tasks service dogs can accomplish and, more important, how Jessica and Rescue saved each other.  

Solve the Rubik's Cube Workshop

Have you dreamed of solving Rubik's Cube?  Local entreprenuer, magician and robotics guru Wayne Moulton will be teaching TWO one hour classes this summer.

Wayne has been working and teaching seacoast area kids for many years and has a casual teaching style that kids respond to well.

Thursday, June 28th  5:30-6:30pm   (click)

Tuesday, July 10th     5:30-6:30pm    (click)

$20.00 (includes Rubik's Cube and hands-on instruction)

Find 25 Waldos in Portsmouth!

July, 1st - July, 31st

G.Willikers! will once again host a Waldo search in downtown Portsmouth for the entire month of July! Candlewick Press (Waldo’s publisher) is sending buttons and other goodies for kids and families who find all 25 mini Waldo’s in local shops and businesses. Find all 25 and you'll be entered into a Raffle to win Waldo books & other wonderful gifts from each business hiding a Waldo!

Kimberly Cooper: Art 'Round Town Reception

Friday, July 6th   5-8:00pm

Details to follow!

GW visits the Portsmouth Library

We will host a Mixed-Media Mashup Night at the library on Tuesday, July 17th.   5-7:00pm

We'll bring the toys, building sets, animals and dice and you bring your imagination! You never know what you might create...perhaps you could build a Marble Run City of the Future for Dinosaur Firefighters and then turn it into a board game! Just sayin'.

New Yorker Magazine Cartoonist John Klossner

WORKSHOP: Details To Follow

Local writer and artist John Klossner is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Reader's Digest, and all the places fine cartoons can be found.

Author Josh Funk

Saturday, Aug. 11th    10-12:00pm

Josh Funk writes silly stories and somehow tricks people into publishing them as books - such as the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series (including The Case of the Stinky Stench and the upcoming Mission Defrostable), How to Code a Sandcastle (and the upcoming sequel How to Code a Rollercoaster), It's Not Jack and the BeanstalkDear Dragon, Albie NewtonPirasaurs!.